SUNKEN TREASURE, This is the Secret of Baby Shark Token You Should Know!

By Adrian SPY | Perdana Crypto Director | Baby Shark Token Investor

PERDANA CRYPTO – SUNKEN TREASURE, This is the Secret Baby Shark Token You Should Know. Treasure hunting is big business. Searchers use metal detectors and sonar to find treasures at the bottom of the ocean. Divers use high-powered machines to uncover objects buried in the sand and lift them to the surface. If you’re lucky, it’s not just treasure that you’ll find, but entire windows to the past in secret documents you can uncover and open. Although a rescue and treasure search could take months or even years. But if found it is worth it!

Talk about the Ocean, Talk about the future of life

The oceans are one of the most valuable natural resources on Earth, covering more than 70% of our planet. The reason why the oceans are so important in providing life for us is that they are home to one million species of marine animals. This species and the ocean itself are responsible for the air we consume by producing more than half of the world’s oxygen and absorbing 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. Unfortunately, due to rapidly increasing levels of pollution to the ocean from human activities, many marine species are negatively impacted ecologically.

One of the biggest factors affecting our oceans is plastic pollution. Currently, there are about 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the oceans. These pieces of plastic are one of the main causes of the decline of marine species. The reason why many fish, turtles, and large marine species, such as sharks, suffer from plastic pollution is that they can easily become entangled in fishing nets, plastic bags, or they ingest plastic waste causing suffocation, starvation and drowning. More than one million marine animals are killed every year due to plastic pollution.

Another deadly impact of plastic pollution is its impact on coral reefs. Plastic has a lethal effect on various coral reefs as it sticks to the corals causing them to become sick which leads to their death. Coral reefs depend heavily on clean and clear water to survive, but unfortunately, when plastic pollution contaminates water, they paralyze these vital coral reefs and degrade water quality.

Approximately, more than 50% of the world’s coral reefs have declined in the last thirty years. If this trend continues to decline, it is said that up to 90% of coral reefs will die within the next century.

The loss of important marine species and coral reefs from our planet will cause a huge, irreversible domino effect. Important marine species such as sharks and larger species will be lost as their only source of food is destroyed from the increasing amount of plastic in the oceans on which we depend.

Many conservation and restoration efforts have been made to protect our important species, but the level of pollution hitting the oceans trumps these efforts. Several ways humans can help stop this deadly impact of plastic pollution on our important marine species and coral reefs in your daily activities reduce the use of one plastic and participate in local beach clean-ups or simply collect trash on-site to recycle it. Talk about the ocean, Talk about the future of life.

Find the Sunken Treasure

Sunken Treasure is a large amount of treasure or other wealth that is hidden, or that is found but whose origin is unknown. The word treasure comes from Qarun or Karun, a character in the time of Prophet Moses who is mentioned in the Qur’an. He was a rich man but was buried along with his possessions because of his arrogance. Treasure hunting is a topic that is often found in works of fiction and legend, for example in the novel Le Comte de Monte-Cristo or the anime/manga One Piece. You can read it and watch it in your spare time with your beloved family.

If we talk about sunken treasures, of course, we have to talk about the seas and oceans and all that is in them. the sea is a collection of saltwater in large quantities and wide that inundate and divide the land into continents and islands. While the ocean is a stretch of salty water that covers a very wide basin.

The United States National Ocean Service (NOAA) describes geographically, the sea is smaller than the ocean and is usually located between land and ocean. The sea is also an important element for trade activities, transportation, and as a source of power generation.

From ancient times until now, the sea is the world’s the transportation and trade route, both between islands and between continents. For the example of real Sunken Treasure, The ship Nuestra Senora de Atocha worth 0.5 billion US dollars sank in the Florida Strait, the USA on September 4, 1622. On the ship, there were assets including 24 tons of silver, 180 silver coins, 582 copper bars, 125 gold bars and pieces, 20 cannons bronze, and 1200 pounds of silverware.  Diver Mel Fisher’s family found it in 1985.

What is Baby Shark Token?

Before we talk about the Baby Shark Token and its secret Sunken treasure. We must first discuss the history of this token created by its founders. So that we all understand the big goals and vision that we want to achieve with Baby Shark Token.

Baby Shark Token is a community-driven, audited, and secures autonomous DeFi protocol, released leveraging the power of a fairly classic nursery rhyme. whose YouTube videos are watched more than 8.5 billion times more than the total human population on earth.

Baby Shark Token develops a platform focused on marine restoration and conservation of primary life. While many cryptocurrencies rely on fossil fuel-based mining, the Baby Shark Token is a carbon-neutral cryptocurrency. On the plus side, each transaction generates funds to help save the oceans.

The team, community, and focus of Baby Shark Token are global in scope, as they all work together to make a difference that impacts the environment. BabyShark’s most important token philosophy is to send a small portion of each transaction to asset holders (investors) and charity wallets (charity). In essence, shareholders get a double prize. That is when the token value increases over time and at that time also see the Baby Shark system working and cleaning our oceans!

The division was explained with Sharkonomics. With details of 1,000,000,000,000,000 total supply. 20% burn on token launch. 8% tax on every transaction 3% distributed to token holders, 3% locked in liquidity pool, 2% donation & development. The Baby Shark smart contract has a built-in BNB conversion, meaning that no Baby Shark Tokens can be sold to fund the Research and Development Donation wallet. To date, 479,78615 BNB has been collected for donations and token development. As I noted, Baby Shark Token has donated around US$ 20,000 to the NGO Gili Shark Conversation located on Gili Island, Indonesia.

This is the Secret of Sunken Treasure Baby Shark Token

As of this writing (June 20, 2021), Baby Shark Token has a price of US$ 0.000000009048, a jump from the first released price of US$ 0.000000000038 (May 8, 2021). You see, the price increased by 237% times more than the first released price even though this token is not yet 45 days old.

The following are data and facts about Baby Shark Token (June 20, 2021)

baby shark token

Talking about Sunken Treasure is talking about the system created by Baby Shark Token developers to maintain and even increase the token price from time to time gradually and consistently. In its whitepaper, Baby Shark Token uses 5% of development funds to buy $SHARK once a week. This token will then be sent to the burning address, throwing it to the bottom of the ocean abyss where it is lost forever.

This system will continue to increase the price of $SHARK while reducing the supply of Shark tokens while rewarding investors for their brave efforts to hold assets. Sunken Treasure is held every Saturday night and will continue until the time when it is answered that Baby Shark Token can compete with other altcoins to accompany bitcoin in navigating the world of cryptocurrencies in the future.

The number of tokens purchased depends on the increase in the baby shark market cap every week. So how many SHARK burned and Sunken Treasure we get. It depends on how much the market cap increases each week.

The Sunken Treasure event $SHARK has been carried out 5 times since the initial burn was carried out on May 8, 2021, with a total of 200,000,000,000 tokens burned at the beginning of this token release. The next sequence of Sunken Treasures took place on May 11, 2021, with 83,787.210820625 burned, May 28, 2021 with 900,113.434003399 tokens burned, June 3, 2021 with 98,578,954912312 burned, June 12, 2021 with 917,052,925,033,029975396 tokens burned, and the last of the week on June 19, 2021,28 with 427,913,661,118,373923228. tokens are burned.

burn address of baby shark token

A total of 201,344,967,668,631.00363496 SHARK became a burning address meal and will not return forever. Or $1,671,163.23 equivalent to 5,151,4865 BNB. That is 20,1345% of the current number of tokens that can be traded. This is a whitepaper, a system as well as a roadmap towards where the goal of this token is to be achieved. How much the value of this token in the future depends on us now, if we see this as a big potential why don’t we be a part of it? Evidence can be found at this link.

That’s the secret why the price of SHARK will always increase from time to time. And at that time, I will be one of the people who have it. You should too, right? Let’s preserve our oceans and earth by partnering with Baby Shark Token. You must be a part of $SHARK.